September 29, 2008


Come support MBCT Theater's production of 12th Night and local artist Sam Brown Singer/Songwriter at South Cabana at La Bottega in the Maritime Hotel. Free food catered by La Bottega (Voted Best Italian food in NY by citysearch), great music and good times. This is a fundraiser to produce our show, $10 at the door, and anything more helps fund an exciting, original adaptiation of the classic 12th Night.

Monday October 6th 7-10pm
South Cabana at La Bottega, Maritime Hotel
on the corner of 9th and 16th

September 26, 2008

Welcome to Our New Home!

Come December, we will live in the Milagro Theater at the Clemente Soto Velez Cultural and Educational Center.

September 23, 2008

Creating Characters

What is so thrilling about this ensemble of actors is their dedication to their work. Each and every one of them puts force a ton of energy into what they are doing in the very right now and here.

See how they work:

See how they worship:

See how they lecture:

See how they dream:

See how they laugh:

See how they argue:

See how they listen:

But mostly, see how they play:

September 10, 2008

As the actors ran about in the Weekend Workshop of Wonderment, I chased them about with a camera.

September 8, 2008


This weekend was the WEEKEND WORKSHOP of WONDERMENT. We studied various physical and vocal forms and shapes based on animals, Commedia dell'Arte stock characters, British Pantomime, and Americana text.

Amazing discoveries have been made about the unlimited potential of the body -- our bones and muscles are made to overcome pain and soreness if our minds can first get out of our way. Also, it's interesting to see how we perceive ourselves physically -- i.e. I move more like the Lover than the greedy Doctor, I naturally carry myself like a leopard, not a bison -- then to discover maybe the very opposite, or even something entirely different, is true. For instance, one actor did not relate to the miserly old man, thought she would have natural ease with the floaty and innocent heroine, but found true comfort and play inside the shape of the showy and boisterous captain! Another actor realized that moving like a gorilla was completely natural for her, but just as easily transitioned to a good fairy preaching morality and fairness.

As we continue our rehearsals and begin the investigate Shakespeare's text, I am thrilled to see how these very dedicated and flexible actors bring animals, stock characters, and Americana realism to iambic pentameter and gender-switching hilarities.

September 3, 2008

the reading

On Monday, August 18, we had an impromtu reading of 12th Night for Roundtable Ensemble. The audience was small, the day was hot, but we were excited to hear this play outloud and get up on our feet.