May 23, 2009


It's always sad when a show ends. The family you've built for the past couple of months breaks apart, the costumes you've lived in are washed and put away, the hair is uncurled, the lights are taken down, the extra postcards are archived, the...

... And you go back to work and wonder "what now?" How do you slip back into the real world after going through something so extraordinary? How do you adjust back to your individual routine after sharing so intimately with a community?

Theatre grips you with its claws and squeezes you from the inside out, and then one day it just lets go... and you're on your own again.

So that's why I'm at it again -- reading, researching, and writing. The next MBCT show is in preparation for a fall show. It's a story of angst, anxiety, nail-biting nerves, and impatience. The characters whine and moan and pray aloud. Nature vs. domesticity. Want vs. action. City vs. country. Happiness vs. indifference.

May 10, 2009

MEDEA Has Begun!

Last night, previews for MEDEA; a Tragedy of Revenge opened. The actors were stretched, the lights were focused, the costumes were starched, the audience was perched on their seats... and off we went!

It was a wonderful opening. You could feel the tension in the room... the audience not moving, listening for every word, watching and letting the story flow along. Medea raged, Jason pleaded, the Nurse predicted, Creusa mistook, Glauce struggled, and the Chorus Leader witnessed. The women sang in beautiful harmony about the horrors they saw, and the notes floated above the intensity of Medea's wrath.

Tickets may be bought at or at the box office: CSV, 107 Suffolk Street, NYC

May 2, 2009

the beginning of the end...

Today is the first day of the last week of rehearsals.

Tomorrow is the first run before the slew of runs that happen before tech.

We're off and running.

Stand back, world, there's a MEDEA coming at you.

May 1, 2009

Hey everybody! Apparently the gods do not look favorably on the NY/NJ area tonight. So, because of inclement weather we are canceling the party! Boo! we're heartbroken. Our cry is "a wail of pain, pain and deep sorrow!" (It's a line from the play. See MEDEA and remember this joke, and perhaps you'll chuckle.) There will be ANOTHER party scheduled, however, and it will be indoors. Rain is good for some things, but not for outdoor parties. See you at the theatre!