March 28, 2009

a German Expressionist photo shoot

he cast of MEDEA: a Tragedy of Revenge transforms itself into a German Expressionist film.

Jason finds himself torn between the naive Princess Creusa and the terrifying Sorceress Medea.

"My father, the King, says you're mine," Creusa bats her eyelashes.

"He is my husband and the father of my children," Medea screams.

Jason, the leader of the most powerful army of all time, lets the women pick the flesh off his bones as he weighs his options. Princess or Sorceress? Stranger or wife? Young girl or experienced women? He can only look up in horror.


The Nurse suddenly realizes she may be a little more involved in Medea's crimes than she'd previously realized.

"My head hurts," the Nurse mews. She tries to control her dizzying thoughts, but realizes it's no use -- her fate is in the hands of the Sorceress Medea.

"Here, let me help," Medea offers, and places her claw on the Nurse's head.

The Corinthian Women are scared for their lives.

"Oh no," they chant, "this Medea is becoming a problem!"

They freeze in fear.

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