February 13, 2010

In the meantime...

As MBCT's next show is just over a year out, it can understandably be a cold and lonely theatre world in the meantime. Here are some wonderful shows to go see in NYC right now. They'll keep your imagination occupied while MBCT slumps over the laptop furiously rewriting the next classic play*.

FĂȘtes de la Nuit
Kim Weild directs Charles L. Mee's "deliciously naughty valentine to life".

A Play on War
The National Asian American Theatre Company's ferocious comedy about a war-torn landscape populated by characters on bicycles -- also known as Mother Courage.

Tino Sehgal
Go straight to the Guggenheim, don't ask questions, don't stop to think, don't pass go.

And don't forget that MBCT is holding a STOCKINGS DRIVE! For the next year, all donations of old, worn, torn stockings are welcome! Snagged your pantyhose and got a run? Do not fret, MBCT is here! Hundreds and hundreds of legs are required for this very awesome design feature of the next show, so short/long/nude/dark... MBCT will take them all!

* Even the Greats get it wrong. Shakespeare? Too many lovers and not enough clowns. Euripides and Seneca? Too much off-stage yelling and not enough on-stage horror. This next Big Great Classic Playwright? He just couldn't condense a story and punch out the angst. Too much talking, not enough whining. But that's a tale for another day...

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