May 9, 2010

Year One: Done! ... and ... NEXT!!!

Throughout this past year, also known as My First Year of Grad School, I've been digging deep into the mountain that is theatre theory. I've thought about the delicate border between the visual and performing arts, I've examined private performance in public spaces, I've analyzed theatre's role in contemporary society, I've studied the history of directing and design, I've intensely explored the relationship between text and venue, I've pondered the meaning of art and the definition of theatre, and I've directed, acted, designed, written, assisted, taught, learned, debated...

... and now I'm tired out.

Because in the end, my friends, theatre is a completely definable, undefinable, interchangeable, interdisciplinary, crazily simple yet complicated branch of the fine arts. Meaning: it is one of those things grad students will debate over for eternity.

So. Let's change the subject.

The next MBCT; Modern But Classical Theatre show is officially being announced! Ready?

In 10.5 months, something amazing is crashing through traditional theatre walls and landing splat! in an old dusty black box in grimy NYC. Full of angst, laziness, desperation, exhaustion, paralysis, and good old fashioned whininess, it's the story of a family, once young and glamorous, who sit on their butts whining about the good old days... and just sort of rot in place.

Anton's Chekhov's THREE SISTERS
March/April 2011

** For this project, I'm collecting stockings/tights/pantyhose/nylons in any condition.
If you can contribute, please e-mail **

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