February 2, 2011

Photo Shoot in Central Park

This past Sunday, bright and early at 8am, we met in Central Park, bright and early at 8am, for our Three Sisters photo shoot.  

And it was COLD!

We trudged through the snow and under tunnels, over bridges and across meadows...

... have I mentioned that is was really COLD?

Desiree, our photographer, led us to the location: a beautiful wooden bridge over a  creek.  Fallen logs, hollowed out trunks, and tree stumps provided a wonderfully fairytale-esque little corner of the park.

The actors, with the help of a team of about five, quickly changed from their warm winter clothes into lingerie, underwear, fur collars, and jewelry.

Cheeks were pinched, hair was twirled, and they lined up for their Family Portrait.

Then, each actor had an individual portrait, posing in their underwear in the midst of the frozen tundra.

Five actors meant five crazy winter challenges: Sarah stood up to her knees in the creek, Alex stood up to her knees in the snow, Charlie balanced on a snowy log over the creek, Emily lay in the snow under a hollowed out log, and Tim stood on a slippery rock in the middle of the creek.

Everyone was happy when it was time to pack up and go find heat.

Well, happy but still cold.

And until the official photographs are ready for their reveal, here's a sneak peak.
The Family Portrait, street clothes-style:
Tim (Andrei), Sarah (Olga), Emily (Masha), Alex (Irina), Charlie (Natasha)

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