June 10, 2011

A Bohemian Tale

Click here for an update on my Bohemian Book Project!  It's a new film telling the tale of two girls named Amia and Miriam who ventured on a kickstarter project together.  It's quite a wondrous tale.

Our Bohemian Book Project only has ONE MORE WEEK on kickstarter to raise funds.  We are so grateful to everyone who has already contributed, but we still have about 50% more to go!  The rule is, if we don't make all our funds in 30 days, we don't get to keep anything at all.  So we super need your support to help us make our goal!

The reason this project is so exciting is that we're using folklore to talk about current issues surrounding the environment.  Amia and I are big fans of nature, and we're looking for new and innovative ways to talk about how we can preserve, care for, and better understand the world around us.  The Bohemian Book Project allows us to combine storytelling with mixed-media illustrations to share our love for the earth.

The money we raise through kickstarter will go towards the materials and travel costs for the beginning stages of our project.  Travel costs?  Oh yes, our project begins in BOHEMIA (it's a real place, we promise).  We're interested in the Czech Republic's rich history of storytelling, where fairytales have a unique blend of morality, fantasy, and absurdity.  To Bohemia we will go to explore the local lore!  We're excited to steep ourselves in a culture that so treasures stories and the imagination.

Also, while in Bohemia, Amia and I will begin collecting recycled and reclaimed materials for our illustrations.  They will be a combination of still lifes, photographs, drawings, and collages.  It is important to us that we discover our materals while in the Czech Republic, so that the illustrations in our book have the same origin as the story we tell.

So please please read more about our project on kickstarter, watch our newest video, and lend us a couple buckaroos!

Remember, we only have one week left!

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