August 13, 2011

Bohemian Dreams

I'm back in the States after two wonderful weeks in Bohemia, the land of dreams.

Amia and I worked on our book project, and we now have a solid skeleton of story and illustrations.  She is still traveling around Europe, and when she returns we will hunker down and re-collaborate on the book.

Amia, always gorgeous
For now, I am focusing on editing the text and finding the right words to describe the otherworldly, dark, mysterious, ethereal world we are creating together.

me too?
While in Bohemia, Amia and I also taught at Artmill, an international arts camp in the wilds of Bohemia.  She taught animation and I drama.  The kids were hilarious and inspiring, and the other teachers were crazily awesome.  We made some incredible life-lasting friends and found a whole new community of artists.

Bohemia is an artist's dream for inspiration:

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